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When my workplace closed on March 17th due to the COVID-19, we had to telework by going on Zoom. We were teleworking everyday until, two weeks ago, our director sent us on furlough. A couple days later after my director received the PPP grant, they never gave us a clear explanation that all employees had to be back on the payroll. One of the roles for a good director is strong communication skills. In fact the director never told us the consequences of continuing on unemployment once they had received the loan.

This week I spoke to Mrs. Valle to get advice on whether I should continue receiving unemployment or resume on Zoom. She saved me from getting into trouble with unemployment after she gave me legal advice! Mrs. Valle is efficient and gets the job done promptly! I highly recommend her to my friends and family!

Alejandra Plazas

I been trying to to do my divorce, probably, around 6 years ago, a friend told me about Mrs. Diana and her Law firm, I higher the firm, and she fought hard for my case, even with the Pandemia right now, the results were quickly, finally, it is over, with

Juan F.