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Speak to an attorney in Bethesda, MD about consumer protection law

Do you have reason to believe your rights as a consumer have been breached? Are you being accused of operating with unfair business practices? The Valle Law Firm, LLC represents both creditors and consumers in the Bethesda, MD area. We'll review your case to ensure every consumer protection law is being upheld.

Your consumer protection attorney will assess your individual case to determine whether anyone's rights have been violated. Call today to receive a free consultation on consumer protection law.

Understand your options under state and federal laws

When you believe you have legal grounds for a breach of your consumer rights, you must act quickly while there is still time. Your consumer protection attorney can assist you with:

  • Debt settlement/relief-negotiating with creditors is your best option to handle unpayable debts.
  • Debt collection-we'll defend your rights if companies are overcharging or harassing.
  • Property issues-if a company or product isn't operating or working as was promised, we'll help you take legal action.

It's important to file a complaint with the right agency in the right amount of time. You can rely on us to ensure your voice will be heard.

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